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[2018-12-05] Four factors affecting the quality of injection molds
When injection molds are produced, there are often many factors that affect the quality of the product In summa
[2018-12-05] How to control the color difference of injection products?
Core Tip: Color difference is a common defect in injection molding It is not uncommon for the injection molding
[2018-12-05] Solution technology and skill of deformation of flat injection molded parts
To solve the problem of deformation of large-scale injection molded parts completely is a problem In production,
[2018-12-05] High gloss mold technology and application
1 Features of high-gloss moldThe high-gloss mold controls the mold temperature through the mold temperature machin
[2018-12-05] Design and manufacturing elements of blow molds
前提:寿命长的吹塑模具的设计与制造是吹塑成型工业的发展所需求的。决定模具效率的要素有:l)材料;2)冷却;3)切坯口设计;4)排气。1 制作